Unlock The Book of Zohar
Unlock The Book of Zohar
A Journey of Inner Transformation
For centuries, The Zohar has been considered to be the most important, powerful book of Western mysticism, said to hold the secrets of the universe. Mapping all the heavenly realms, the world of angels, demons and celestial beings. It's filled with fantastical parables all pointing to a code, which if properly understood, unlocks the secrets of life itself.
The true meaning of the Zohar - the highest text ever written, is about to be revealed to you
Together we will unveil the controversial history of the book of Zohar, dispel many of the myths that surround it, and uncover for the first time the single law of reality, the lock and key you need, in order to feel it for yourself.
In This Course You Will:
We invite you to learn how to access the deepest forces of nature that dwell untapped within yourself. Forces that can lift you, expand your vessels of perception and connect you to a beautiful and perfect reality. The reality of the Zohar.